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What does "No Man Knows the Day Or Hour" really mean?

Mark 13:32 and Matthew 24:36 do not say "shall not know" the month or year but do not know (present tense) the day or hour. This phrase is actually the Hebrew idiom for the "Feast that no man knows the day or hour", that is, "Yom Teruah" aka "Feast of Trumpets/Shouting". This is the only feast day that you do not know in advance exactly when it is going to start because it happens on the day of the new visible crescent moon of the 7th month. The statements in the gospels were never meant to say we could never know the timing of the the Messiah's coming in advance. That would conflict with many other scriptures if it were the intent. But Christians generally understand it to mean "don't set dates or get distracted studying prophecy", which is understandable since historically every past date for the reign of Messiah has been wrong. Nevertheless, we were given the 70 weeks of Daniel and the Parable of the Fig Tree to "show his servants" the timing of these things in advance (See Rev 1:1-2). Moreover, there are any number of timing markers given in Daniel and Revelation which once you see them happen, you know that the Messiah's return will be in either 1290 days, 1260 days, 1335 days, 42 months or 3½ years from that point! Thus once you see the event you know the the timing of Second Advent down to year, month and day, as long as you can accurately handle counting the passing of days. See the Introduction to 'Know The Future' to find out more about this important subject.

Should we be selling up and heading for Israel now?

We may still be many years off the Second Coming of the messiah because we just don't know when the 6000 years since Adam left the Garden and began human rule started. You have to go about your life planning for the future, which includes dying of old age before the Second Coming. That would be the worst if you have time left after you run out of money. We have to plan for the long term and use the imperfect infrastructure of society that we have available to execute that plan. God will make up the difference and tell us if and when it's time to liquidate our assets and move out. It is a terrible error that many prophecy watchers have made to have a short-term focus with one’s assets. We must go on as if we have the rest of our lives to plan for until an authentic Hebrew prophet from God with signs and wonders tells us otherwise, speaking in accordance with the prophecies.

How will we recognize the real “Elijah”?

First, he won't be named Elijah, he only comes in the spirit and power of Elijah like John the Baptist did. So that's one thing these impostors always get wrong. Also he will instruct us to go to Jerusalem/Judea. He will have signs and power. Yes, others can and will come with signs powered by Satan, but have no fear, no perfect impostor that gets all those points listed in the ebook right will be allowed by God to dupe us. Did not Jesus say that even the "strong delusion" would not deceive the "very elect" (Mt 24:24)? There's a promise right there that you, as an elected servant of God, will not miss what you are looking for if you also "watch and pray diligently" (Lk 21:36).

What about all these false prophets?

You really will not need this forum to identify the real Elijah or rule out the fake ones that come before him. The fakes will be obvious then, just as they are now (Google search Elijah and you will see a few). Once the real Elijah comes, there will be no comparison. You just have to trust if this is God's plan and he says the very elect won't be deluded that it includes you regardless of your level of knowledge of the Bible or prophecy. You don't have to be a Bible scholar or expert to follow God and be protected by him (don't feel bad if you have that impression, Christianity has such a focus on right beliefs that it tends to twist our thinking). Just keep praying and stay close to God and you will not miss it.

Will the Antichrist counterfeit the Prophecies?

It's a myth that the Antichrist has to counterfeit Jesus exactly or otherwise fit people's expectations of an acceptable world leader. Prophecy says instead that he arises in the aftermath of Wormwood's passage with signs and wonders to show he is God. This persistent myth about the AC counterfeiting the prophecies is the biggest obstacle to seeing the truth about the identity of the Antichrist. The Bible makes it clear that the AC rises through a dire global crisis and through miracles, signs, and with the help of ten powerful men or kings in the world working behind the scenes... not by any other means. After Wormwood passes, Russia, China and their allies will use the opportunity to strike America with nuclear missiles in a single hour on a single day, burning her with fire (Rev 17 and 18). With America gone, the AC will fill the power vacuum and have the only answer to the global crisis of chaos, famine, broken infrastructure, and world war. It will be either accept his mark so you can buy and sell in this New World Order or be beheaded as an enemy of God.

Should we keep the Torah today?

Torah refers to the five books of Moses, which contain the Ten Commandments as part of the Old Covenant God made with Israel. Some of the Ten Commandments (and Torah) encapsulate moral laws God holds everyone accountable to universally; while others (most) are specific instructions only binding on Israel and in fact impossible to "keep" today. The Torah was given to Israel as part of the Old Covenant, which they broke, and will thus be re-given to and required again by both Israel and later the whole world as part of the New Covenant with Israel and Judah (Jer 31:31ff). God's moral laws remain the same through history. Acts 15 makes it very clear that the Gentiles do not have to do the Torah. Although not required, keeping the feasts and Sabbath will give you understanding, just as the Torah promises.

Should we be Tithing today?

Although Christianity likes to present it that way, the Mosaic tithe is not presented as a gift to God, or a payment back to God for blessing you. It was only to be given to Levites, foreign residents and widows (Dt 14:29, 26:13). Church pastors, ministries, self-proclaimed) Levites or Prophets do not count. For anyone to "principalize" this commandment or redirect it to themselves is simply breaking Scripture. If God wanted to command money to support churches, he could have done so through Jesus or Paul and had it recorded for us, but he did not. Even if Churches could collect tithes, they had better have lots of barns. The tithe was only to be collected from the increase of the herds and crops off your land (Dt 14:22-29; Dt 26:12; Lev 27:30-32). No one was ever told to tithe money off of wages. It is specifically and only food (which may later be redeemed for money with an additional 20% charge on top). Your wages are not titheable, even if you were to consider trading time for money as "increase".

Should Churches be supported financially?

If tithing is not appropriate, how then should Churches support themselves? The Bible does not specify exactly, but from Acts 2 I would guess that freewill contributions or one well-off person setting up a gathering place or home church would be how. What is clear, is that taking a single commandment from a Torah you say is obsolete and done away, and redirecting it to make yourself the recipient of 10% of every believer's money, is not the way. Also, for those churches and ministries who do not call it tithing or spell out they expect 10%, begging for money is nowhere found as a precedent in the New Testament. Begging is associated with the wicked throughout the Wisdom Literature; the righteous and God's agents are never seen doing it in the Scripture. Instead, they pray to God and he provides either supernaturally or through human agents.

Should we be stocking up on food, water, fuel, guns & ammunition, etc.?

There is no indication in prophecy that there will be a need for that type of preparation prior to being told by "Elijah" to move to Jerusalem ahead of Wormwood's arrival. Stocking up on fuel, guns, ammo, water and even food ahead of time and away from Jerusalem may not be very helpful since you'll most likely find it unfeasible to take it with you. Rather, our focus should be on stocking up on the oil in our lamps like the ten virgins, which is good works. Knowing what is coming gives us even more reason to seek first the kingdom and his righteousness as well as to eat for health (not for pleasure) and exercise, which is a physical preparation that you can take with you.

How can you charge for information that is vital for survival?

Tim's "plain sense" explanation of Wormwood and the trumpets of Revelation are not "vital for survival", neither are they the "Word of God". Tim is not a prophet who received a "word" from God, just someone who diligently researched and analyzed the words of John, who did receive the Word of God. Anyone can study his words directly just as Tim did. However, purchasing Tim’s book will save them time. But regardless, this information is not vital for survival. It would be unfair of God to make it so that you have to understand such a difficult prophetic book in order to survive. Nevertheless, we do believe that it is a blessing to understand and "keep the sayings of this book" as Revelation 22 says.

What are the "Nephilim" referred to in Genesis 6 and Numbers 13?

The fallen angels impregnated the "daughters of Adam", who then gave birth to the Nephilim (the giants, or "heroes", sometimes referred to elsewhere as demi-gods). When these died, their spirits (the demons) were earth-bound and continue to seek embodiment through possession of others.

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